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    Oral (joining in an online session room with realtime speech)Poster (presentation of your poster online with realtime speech)Forum presentation (PowerPoint, video or poster permanently published on author page. No realtime speech)Listener (participating in the Conference without presentation)

    The contact details provided below will be used by the Conference Secretariat for communicating information about the items you will score, as far as their analysis is undertaken by the Scientific Committee. If you are not the presenting author, you are responsible to submit information to the presenting author.



    Each item can be scored just for a field of science, it is the responsibility of the person who entered the abstract to choose the most suitable area. Organizers will make every effort to reassign the abstracts that are not entered in the fair field, but this is not always possible. People who enroll abstracts must take into account that employment in an unsuitable area may affect the granted summary score during the evaluation, so the result of the selection process.

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