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Our Journals

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Create, explore, disseminate!

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Submit your manuscript on the platform of scientific debate SEA OPEN-RESEARCH: http://seaopenresearch.eu/submission/. All items accepted will be published in one of the related journals.

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Our conferences aim to bring together academic scientists, business leaders, and professionals for the purpose of exchanging and sharing their creative and innovative ideas, approaches, strategies and research results. The participants discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. SEA are friendly conference series that aim to encourage and support early career researchers.

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The events focus on debates on specific current ideas and controversies in the field of socio-economic life, humanist approaches or real applied sciences. Entirely virtual, no traveling, no accommodation, no additional payment! Just submit paper, register and attend the conference with peers, scholars and scientists from all domains. SEA online conference has many advantages over the traditional conference — including increased exposure for presenters, higher quality papers, higher quality commenters, a more manageable pace during the comment period, less expense, and less travel-related frustration.;

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TRADITIONAL CONFERENCES IN DYNAMIC LOCATIONS.  SEA International Conferences, events dedicated firstly to the academic community. Our intention is to attract delegates from around the world. Dynamic Location: the conference is set in different locations over a year. The purpose of the SEA international scientific conference is to enable the academia, research, and corporate entities to boost the potential of the “Sharing” environments, by providing a forum for exchanging ideas, research outcomes, business case and technical achievements;

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The HUB is an event focused on the exchange of ideas between researchers which happens in an informal environment based on tourist and social activities.

”The HUB” (the seminar of researchers and PhDs) in order to relate the ideas and visions of researchers and PhD students with areas of expertise in various fields from universities both in Romania and other countries. The activity is meant to gather around Researchers and PhDs for a few days. Within the framework of an absolutely informal program, relaxation and tourism can be positively blend with an exchange of practical ideas in the scope of developing interdisciplinary common research projects.

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The SEA NETWORK (http://network.seaopenresearch.eu) is a social network where you will share knowledge, find researchers that spread their knowledge on various topics, creating articles, uploading photos and adding videos.

Sign in at “SEA Network” and fill “My information”, “About You” and upload photos.

You can send research papers or summaries for future articles to be reviewed and disseminated by SEA NETWORK researchers. This can happen before the publication therefor helping you during the process of publication.

After the analysis carried out by the scientific board, the articles will be loaded onto the platform by pressing Submit an Article. The submission must include: the title, the abstract, keywords, a poster or the full article.

After posting the article, the session of subscription is complete. Only debates in the form of any comments and answers given by the authors of the articles on SEA NETWORK are being accepted. The summary of the article or a presentation, representative ideas or photos can be uploaded from your account for future discussion. To upload, use “My Panel” – “Add a post” in SEA NETWORK profile.

In order to be sent for scientific assessment to be published in their logs mentioned above, the articles must have a number of minimum 10 discussions and comments from different authors enrolled on SEA NETWORK. Comments may come from third parties registered as users, but it would not account for validation of its publication.

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Since its earliest days, SEA NETWORK has been a collaborative endeavor, bringing together people with different backgrounds, interests, outlooks and skills.

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Events Retrospective

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